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About Us

Mahmoud Zolghadr trading Since 1975

Mahmoud Zolghadr trading company has been working in the field of exporting Exquisite Persian hand-woven carpets and rugs to America and European countries.

With the knowledge and experience of four decades, since the inception of the Grand Bazaar of Tehran to work around the clock up to the 90s, is now relying on the experience and expertise of combining two generation’s knowledge and new technologies and views, Takes stronger and faster steps than ever before.
The company aims to expand trade and economic activity around the world along preserving the old and unique craft of Iran, the Iranian hand-woven carpets.

We believe that the carpet is an asset and also a persistent one. Lasting centuries since ancient times, till the glory of “Persepolis” and to the glorious domes and minarets towering centuries later; From the nomads and villages covering the foothills of the North West expanding South, West and East; From the best silks produced in Qom, Kerman and Kashan Deserts to the turquoise and azure domes of Isfahan and Nain; From rows and rows of tails told by never resting hands of thousands of Iranian artists . . .

About Zolghadr Founders

Mahmoud Zolghadr

Mahmoud Zolghadr, born 1953, founded Mahmoud Zolghadr trading company officially 40 years ago. The first sparks of inspirations and love for the beauty of Persian rug designs started as he began mending and repairing precious carpets and rugs in Tehran Grand Bazar at the very early age of eight , steeling away most of the playful days of his childhood; but resulting in an independent and self-made businessman and well known merchant.
At the age of twenty in 1975 he succeeded to acquire his trading certificate and officially stablishing Zolghadr trading co.
In the early ’90s, the golden years of flourishing economies of Europe, being the most well known and most tasteful carpet exporter to Italy, even now a days few traders are as well known as him in northern Italy district .
He also continues his activities trading with Europe and is looking in to expanding the business around the world; having in mind to preserve and present this ancient craftsmanship of Iran; The Persian hand-woven carpets in the world.

Neda Zolghadr

Neda Zolghadr, born 1982 in Tehran graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan Italy majoring in architecture and interior design.Growing up in the colorful world of Persian Carpets and rugs besides being educated and studying the history of ancient and modern Persian handicrafts and related fields as well as having a great mentor as her father (Mahmoud Zolghadr) has been in charge of the official management of the company since 2012.

Years of Experience

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Beautiful Carpets

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